At Grooms & Harkins, P.C. we value relationships with our employees, investing not only in the professional value of our employees but also in their personal wellness. Professional enrichment includes annual CPE, mentoring, CPA exam support, and other professional certifications. Personal enrichment is fostered through quarterly wellness programs, enrichment programs such as reading club, and extracurricular activities. We are proud of our family friendly culture and have innovative incentive programs during tax season to lessen the strain on home life.

Unlike many firms, our shareholders interact with staff members throughout the day and they approach both complex and simple questions as an opportunity to enrich and educate staff members. Our firm believes that every staff member has something unique to contribute. The firm’s needs are distributed to teams consisting of a combination of staff members and shareholders that tackle everything from decorating the office to keeping the office up to date with current technological trends to creating procedures used for tax returns and audits and everything in between.

We offer a competitive salary, bonus opportunities, health insurance, retirement benefits, and shortened work weeks during the summer season. To learn more about our us or our upcoming recruiting events, visit our Facebook Page.

Career Opportunities

Grooms & Harkins, P.C. is always looking for new talent, if you are interested in joining our team please submit your cover letter and resume to or find us on Handshake!